Contract Management

IEAG virtual model allows the project administrator to digitally manage contract compliances, monitor, track, validate and audit every milestone of the project’s life cycle in real time, through a notification process on issues related to site performance, including: claims, dispute, delays, financial performance, engineering status, construction activities status, and General Conditions.

Construction project compliances are linked to the project’s critical path and milestones. Project data is published on the robust, web-based dashboard allowing interactive management of site issues. This approach allows for mitigation of project issues before they escalate into a dispute.

The integration of contract management with the virtual model and site activities not only protect the stakeholders from dispute and claims, it also allows stakeholders to make an informed decision based on a real-time validated data.

IEAG contract platform integrates and collaborate contract terms and conditions to suit the project and country regulations.

IEAG one-stop-shop collaborative platform acts as an accountability platform among all stakeholders including client and Engineer on records.

IEAG Digital Contract Management platform performs as a centralized data management for all stakeholders involved in the construction process.

By incorporating the procedure and specification of the project into the platform allows real-time tracking from the time the order is placed till site delivery, digitization of the logistical process.

IEAG Contract Management platform monitor every sequence of the construction activities, discrepancy and variances are identified , documented and monitored re-occurrence and risk.

IEAG Contract Management platform allows stakeholders to mitigate risk in real-time.

The defect process and the as built are: digitized, tracked, documented and reported via the BIM model in a 3D environment allowing stakeholders to make an informed decision on the likely plan of action visually.

IEAG uses the BIM model for tracking executed quantity, milestones and activities, the virtual model is a reflection of the site status.

One of the unique feature of the IEAG Digital Contract Management platform is the ability to data manage and document control all issues that are likely to be a part of any dispute into one central folder. The document is updated regularly, and notification is sent to stakeholder on issues that are likely to cause a dispute with recommendation and remedy process.