virtual construction

IEAG allows precise translation of design intent into in-depth digital models through its advanced virtual design and construction platform. Developed as a highly collaborative platform, our unique solution enables designers and architects to simultaneously contribute their individual creative and design inputs on a project within a single intelligent environment.

Seamless Project Management and Coordination through IEAG’s Virtual Construction Platform

IEAG’s virtual design and construction ecosystem integrates extensive design, planning, and rendering functionalities to improve collaboration between different users. Color-coded visualization models can be utilised to increase the visibility of the different construction and design elements incorporated in a design, allowing users to identify components, modules, and sections faster and more accurately. Visualizations can be customised to include exact data and measurements, accelerating measurement and calculation processes.

Furthermore, our VDC platform enables users to break down the overarching design into 2D and 3D models respectively. This allows the client team to utilise location information to identify the location of each particular element with ease.

By consolidating processes in a single digital environment, coordination between key parties is enhanced, thus improving transparency and accountability. This translates to reduced errors and revisions (by as much as 75 percent). The results are tangible: our solution is more cost-effective than conventional project delivery frameworks by at least 30 per cent.

A fully-customisable VDC platform to meet the needs of every project

Our unique digital solution features a modular design that allows it to be easily integrated into a project of any size or scale. It can be used by project managers to measure progress and workforce performance; it can be used by investors to calculate work process efficiency through cost-benefit analysis. All this can be done in real-time, within the same platform. Even as designers are collaborating on a project, stakeholders can view updates in real-time and analyse the performance of the workforce against the running cost of the work. Read More