facilities management

IEAG brings a unique, versatile solution that integrates the essentials of facilities management into a unified digital ecosystem for easy collaboration. Through our platform, facility managers, property developers, contractors, subcontractors, and stakeholders can propose, amend, execute, and monitor project developments in real-time.

Facilities Management 2.0: Integratesolutions cost-effectively and efficiently

IEAG brings together 100 years of collective experience in the design, procurement, and construction industries to create an interactive platform designed to enhance coordination infacility management. The rationale behind this is simple: poor collaboration and communication in projects severely hinder process efficiency. With our platform, key service providers and decision makers can work together to develop actionable solutions that maximize time and cost, while minimizing risk.

Data and project input can be published, recorded, organized, and audited through a navigable and intuitive web-based dashboard.This centralised framework allows users to analyse collected data, forecast potential obstacles, draft mitigation plans, and develop pre-emptive strategies. More importantly, it allows users to plan, communicate, and collaborate within a controlled 3D environment, which increases productivity and efficiency while significantly reducing costs.

Modular and scalable for more effective facility management

Our digital solution is designed to cater different types of facilities management, including Soft FM, Hard FM, AMC, and Full FM. The scalable design allows users tomodify the different modules within the framework to meet the specifications of a particular project, allowing for intelligent project integration. It can be tailored for use in various areas of application, including but not limited to commercial, residential, retail, industrial, and hospitality.

By bringing this platform to Saudi Arabia, IEAG aims to help facility management companies in Riyadh and inother citiesof the country to increase their return on investment, decrease site wastage, and accomplish projects within shorter timescales. Read More