Construction cost management

Construction projects are significant endeavours requiring the allocation of various resources. IEAG’s cohesive digital platform allows intelligent allocation of resources through integrated construction management.

Enhancing cost management in construction projects through collaboration

Our innovative construction cost control platform can serve as an agile digital hub for ensuring smart allocation of material, manpower, and financial resources throughout the lifecycle of a project. Our end-to-end digital solution allows key decision makers, project managers, and consultants to provide their expert input to accomplish project milestones, within projected timescales and cost-allocations.

Through our cost management platform, investors and managers can assign budgets for each stage of the construction project with ease. It also allows auditors and cost control specialists to track the running cost of each phase of the project in real-time.

With this feature, transparency is ensured for the entire project lifecycle, making auditing processes easier and more efficient. On the part of stakeholders, reporting can be scheduled within the system, enabling up-to-date progress reports to be delivered regularly.

All these functionalities are integrated within a single virtual ecosystem, making coordination and communication easier, faster, and more coherent. The end result is more efficient project delivery. Our versatile solution is more cost-effective than traditional project delivery processes by at least 30 percent.

Core functionalities of our construction cost control platform

  • Cost code
  • Contracts
  • Change order
  • Payment
  • Payment certificate
  • Change order request
  • Miscellaneous invoice

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