BIM Management


IEAG’s digital platform workflow is utilized throughout the project’s life cycle, from appraisal to commissioning.

With over 300 modellers, specialists, digital engineers, and architects, IEAG is a leading IOT provider for the digital design and construction industry.

Our production services include visualization models, constructability models, virtual mock ups, cost management, energy management, coordination models, quantity take-offs, digital sequencing and planning, logistical models, tracking, and as built integration. All of them are completed using our digital platform.

Integrated Building Information Modeling Capabilities. One Platform. Multiple Applications.

Research has revealed the lack of effective collaborationin projects is one of the biggest obstacles to increased efficiency. This is true for most industries, especially in design, construction, and procurement. IEAG’s comprehensive solution digitises the workspace to allow all key parties in a project to introduce, implement, and monitor input in real-time. Through IEAG’sunified digital platform, contractors, developers, facility managers, subcontractors, lawyers, legal advisers, and stakeholders can collaborate efficiently within a single, cohesive environment. The results speak for themselves: our project delivery framework is at least 30 per cent more effective than conventional processes.

Agile building information modelingfor the entire project lifecycle

While other delivery processes are applicable only to theimplementation or management plan, IEAG’s unified platform provides functionality throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Even as a project transitions from the consulting and design phases,to the construction and facility management stages, key project figures can continuously provide and acquireinsight seamlessly within an integrated digital ecosystem.More importantly, our project management solution can be localised for Saudi Arabia, to accelerate the fulfilment of project deliverables and enhance the cost-effectiveness of internal processes.




IEAG constructability platform integrates design and construction insights in a highly collaborative environment to ensure that the project is built efficiently, both in terms of time and money.

Our design coordination models are a composite by which all the models developed by different trades are linked, validated and clash-free during the construction phase. IEAG platform manages and host a coordination model that combines the construction trade models.

Our platform provides system coordination during the design phase and during construction, when sub-contractors are coordinated for manufacturing and installation. A comprehensive report is structured to track interferences and clashes. The location of each clash is saved in the model. The same applied during the as-built integration and coordination. Our IEAG clash detection report covers all three classes of clashes: Hard Clash, Soft Clash Clearance and 4D Workflow Clash. Read More

IEAG creates a virtual 3D mock up of complex building details and provides analysis of construction sequences alternatives.

These specialized models can also be 3-D printed to increase understanding of the relationship between various components.

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IEAG’s unique offering in digital planning and sequencing is the real-time update of the 3D time model. Various components of the building are modelled during construction to show deviation between the planned and the as-built, allowing stakeholders to monitor and track site progress in 3D rendered environment.

IEAG ’s VDC team uses color coded visualization model to make elements more transparent, We tailor each visualization to include the exact data, and we provide the output in both 2D and 3D drawings to help the client team with location information of each particular element.

Our energy modelling team works closely with the design team to measure design decisions against both quantitative and qualitative measurements.

IEAG process in cost management is linking quantity calculation to cost estimation database, stakeholders can track the impact of any changes to the schedule and rates on the project overall performance in real-time.

Our QAQC team and cost manager conducts a thorough review of the model and its level of development to ensure objects in the model are correctly defined and can be estimated correctly.

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Our tracking models are specifically prepared for tracking site activities and sequences. Based on the project’s timeline and milestones we subdivide some geometrical elements to reflect the way the tracking model is installed.

The signed off model is coordinated by IEAG BIM Manager at site.  Our as built virtual model assists in eliminating any discrepancies between the geometry of the original design and what is actually installed at site.

Documentation of the Installation process is integrated into the as-built model. The sign off is finalized after the building is sealed off and not accessible for verification.




These models include powerful databases of projects specification and documentation creating an information model that acts as a platform for hosting and transferring data needed during operation and maintenance. Considerable savings can be achieved and during O&M during the life cycle of the projects.

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