Virtual Design and Construction Services

Our VDC construction model uses colour-coded visualization schemes to make a project’s elements more visible and clearly defined. Our VDC platform can be modified to produce visualizations and graphics that feature exact project data and details. It is a digital solution that generates outputs in both 2D and 3D rendering to enable users to easily locate information pertaining to each design element.

View and implement real-time design changes and updates on your building and construction projects

Integrating all designing and rendering activities into a single digital platform allows all involved users to see the latest developments, follow through the recommended changes, and get an immediate and comprehensive overview of the entire project.

Our interdisciplinary platform facilitates a higher level of collaboration, reduces miscommunication and coordination issues, and enhances accountability and transparency from start to finish. It also helps minimize errors and rework (by as much as 75 percent), resulting in substantial savings in time and costs.

Bringing world-class VDC solutions to Australia and worldwide

IEAG Australia offers a specialised IOT VDC consulting platform for clients in diverse sectors such as construction, engineering, and architecture. Our platform gives users an accurate virtual rendering of the project, complete with a well-integrated and coordinated design.

Users can use the virtual model as a real-time database to monitor, track, validate, and update design elements and data, and consequently integrate it with the as-built project and physical site. Read More