Facilities Management

IEAG’s collaborative platform converges the essential aspects of facilities management into one digital, three-dimensional hub where facility managers, contractors, developers, stakeholders, and property owners can access real-time data on the project’s developments and activities.

Integrated suite of functionalities for efficient and seamless facility, building, and property operations & maintenance

By consolidating all related functionalities into a single intuitive platform, our clients in diversified sectors can monitor, mitigate, and manage risk in projects, from launch to completion. All project-related data is collected and published on a user-friendly and interactive web-based dashboard.

Our centralized platform allows users to engage in strategic planning and development, by enabling them to anticipate potential problems, form corresponding solutions, and determine the most feasible approach through the use of a 3D virtual model that simulates the actual project environment.

Tailored & scalable management solution for every client and industry, with worldwide application

Our solution is engineered to accommodate varied types of facility management solutions, including Hard FM, Soft FM, AMC, and Full FM. It is fully adaptable to suit the specific requirements of a project, enabling a targeted approach and delivering quality results.

This inclusive solution covers a wide range of sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, and retail. IEAG is bringing this innovative platform to markets in Melbourne and Australia, continuing the company’s more than 100 years of excellence in the architecture and construction industry. Read More